Children of Hate

Judaism was seen as the main obstacle before other religions in the race of being largest religion. There were ethnic differences and also conflicts over lands. The big reason is that, out of four Abrahamic religions, only Judaism claimed firmly that Jesus and Jerusalem belonged to them. So they were the threat for growing Christianity at that time. And these differences and fear of other religion caused anti Jewish sentiments. Germans coined the term antisemitism for this hatred of Jews. Practically it means Jews are inferior race and belong to no land.

Now what happens when a community is discriminated for centuries… they unite… they find their own philosophies to disapprove the claims of opposition. So here we have a Jewish writer in the dawn of 19th century with the idea of Zionism which states that whole land of Palestine belongs to Jews as per the history. This idea was in existence before also but it never got such attention globally. It was discussed, criticized and supported at mass level.

Then after a couple of decades first world war happened and ended with intense humiliation of Germany. This defeat and disgrace was unbearable for Germans and their frustration was at its peak. They were not able to accept it and of course this guilt pushed them to find a scapegoat, a reason of national shame. So why search for causes when you already have a centuries old well established social myth ? Just give this myth some air and it will become truth for millions. There were already people like Adolf Hitler in Germany with exaggerated and misguided nationalism and desire to go high in Ranks and control people. In my opinion, such guys used antisemitism as the tool to unite a defeated nation and also for becoming personality cult.

In first half of 20th century, political scenarios were changing. Colonies were becoming countries. Monarchies were becoming democracies and communism was spreading like tweets of lady gaga. Russia, Italy and Germany had powerful dictators with similar intentions. They joined hands and made promises of helping each other in their causes. Imperial powers were weakening and communists were rising, tension was high. That is when Hitler designed Antisemitic legislation. Invasion of Poland initiated the darkest war of planet and Nazi party implemented their philosophies in the shade of the war. It ended with ethnic cleansing of Jews from Germany.

Now, there was a community of millions with no home. They had survived and seen mass-shooting, gas chambers, chemical experiments and concentration camps. That is when they adopted Zionism in real and moved to east in search for home, a place surrounded by Arabs. Pain and unity of a suppressed community gave birth to undying nationalism. They were ready to sacrifice anything for a country of their own and since then war is going on.

But there were also Jews who moved to Allied nations. Their grief was equally large and they decided to grow as a community. Be it science and technology, politics, cinema, business, literature or bureaucracy , they grew like anything. By the end of 20th century, they became major stakeholders in American economy and politics. They made propaganda movies and wrote accounts of the holocaust and it brought them lots of sympathy from outside. They were in position to affect decisions of world powers in their favor and that is what they did. American jews provided financial and political aid to Israel.

In the war with Palestine, that insecurity of Israel grew rapidly. They were becoming more offensive, answering every attack with doubled aggression. Palestine was a weak nation so it became a nursery for Armed groups. PLO and HAMAS grew in this atmosphere, kept recruiting people and also won elections. But still they were weak and needed some global approval to survive. This approval they get from rivals of USA who don’t like to be a part of any agenda run for/by American favor. America does this too. So USA, UK, EU, Canada and other friends declared HAMAS a terrorist group but Russia and China don’t agree with that. This complex involvement of global stakeholders worsened the situation.

Now it is 2014. After Second Intifada and downfall of Fatah, conditions are worst. Gaza is smelling smoke. HAMAS is making children suicide bombers and Israel is in kick-ass mode. HAMAS can’t step back because if they do so, they won’t get a single penny from their endorsers. They are finished ideologically and financially if they stop the war. Israel has also gone too far in it and if they call it then it means they are not fully convinced with the basic idea of their own war. That will mean they agree they don’t belong to this land. It becomes a threat to the ruling party there. Also Israel has dragged many outsiders in it for their support, so stepping back is diplomatic defeat in their eyes.

If both parties are unable to stop it then is it ever going to stop ? Global powers will never agree due to their own reasons. If HAMAS gets paralyzed then other groups will take over. Hatred is installed deep in the brains and Israel has developed weapons to treat it. Such issues never get corrected until there is a world war. Dooms day fights end these conflicts temporarily and end a whole generation also. Then again after 50 years, cycle repeats itself.

These problems never get solved because their roots are human desires which never end. Power, greed and hate gave birth to Israel and are still driving this show. Seems it will go on. Hallelujah!!


10 thoughts on “Children of Hate

  1. Nice Attempt…. Around 800 words you put a holistic view about the past, present and future of Israel issue. Thank You for Writing such a good article.

    Article suggests Israel is Child of Hate, adversity made them determined and unite. Article do not assume any judgement and it leaves to the readers to choose side they support for.

    Bur article itself not about supporting a one side or other. It is about thinking about the root cause of the issue.

    After reading the article, I think Jews did the things in organized and planned manner, they moved to allied nations and they grew like anything. They made propaganda movies and wrote accounts of the holocaust. They garnered lot of sympathy from the outside world.

    However, HAMAS are doing same thing in bad manner. HAMAS are doing things for the survival of their religion, Jews did for survival of their on existence. Religion should not be used to fuel the hatred, and pseudo dignity which HAMAS are doing.

    Other stakeholders are seeing their own profit-loss.

    Though I have not done deep analysis of the issue, and correct me if I am wrong.

    I have noted that, Jews were tortured by Hitler, who was a German and obviously not a Muslim. Jews religion was threat to Christianity, then how Palestine came in to the scene? Is this, since Palestine was a weak nation, that’s why homeless Jews targeted them? Population wise almost same number of Jews are in US, will US allow them to have a separate nation?

    As you very rightly concluded, and in the language of theoretical computer science, I would like to term it as an N-P Hard problem. To solve the issue, either Stakeholders need to think above their profit-loss or wait for the world war.

    They need a great leader of saint type not the great war commander to solve the issue. Other than world war, only solution of issue is, make the issue dead. This can be done only with the help of love and harmony, and seeding harmony on the ground of hatred is herculean task which can be done by a saint type leader only.

    • Thanks ved for doing some real analysis.

      >>> I have noted that, Jews were tortured by Hitler, who was a German and obviously not a Muslim. Jews religion was threat to >>>Christianity, then how Palestine came in to the scene? Is this, since Palestine was a weak nation, that’s why homeless Jews targeted >>> them?
      Judaism was threat to Christianity around 1-1.5 millennium back, not in the last century. And Hitler did not kill Jews because of religious differences, I have mentioned his reasons of doing so. He found escape from horrors of defeat in hate for Jews. He considered them non-contributing for betterment of Germany. Palestine came into the scene hundreds of years back because Judaism started there. They have always claimed it as their homeland in history. Its just that it got highlighted again in the definition of Zionism during modern times. I have explained this too in the article that why Jews moved to Palestine.

      >> Population wise almost same number of Jews are in US, will US allow them to have a separate nation?
      Jews are not emotionally and religiously attached to US. American Jews are progressive who want money and peace and also to support their brothers in middle east. They already have control of US politics and businesses so no need for them to demand a separate nation. You can call them NRIs (Non resident Israelis) 😀

      Everyone will ask the saint his religion. There are no saints here. If someone is, they won’t let him end it. Wars are businesses.

  2. Yesterday, I had a lot of time, so I youtubed this issue for in-depth knowledge. I found this documentary which I found a bit moving, and also very informative. But your article here is brilliant. It is actually better than the 3-4 hours that I spent yesterday.

    All this aside, do you really think, this war could end up in a World War? I too got a hint of it yesterday. With all this going on, I was wondering if this could ever happen in Kashmir..

    Anyways, I didn’t know, how good you are. I hadn’t seen your serious side yet, but you cant blame me for that. Keep blogging would really love to see such stuff in future.

    • Thanks Shantanu… not everyone verifies what he is reading 🙂

      >>> do you really think, this war could end up in a World War?
      World war ends many such small wars going on in different corners of the world but it also prepares grounds for new ones.
      So as i said in the article, it is a temporary fix.

      >>> With all this going on, I was wondering if this could ever happen in Kashmir..
      It won’t happen in Kashmir because we are a soft state and Pakistan understands consequences of the war. There, HAMAS rules over GAZA and that’s why war is not ending. Here POK is not run by any militant group, it runs under Pakistani control. So there are little chances of such chaos in Kashmir.

      Thanks for all nice words. Will keep blogging for sure 🙂

  3. Brilliant article Sagar! You have managed to put quite simplistically a conflict that that takes volumes to describe. An unbiased view as well lends credibility to the write up. Can I ask you why you chose this subject as your first blog? 😊

    • Thanks di and sorry for the delayed reply.
      At that time, I was willing to write a blog asap and i wrote this piece because –
      1. This conflict arose at that time and got heavy coverage all over the world.
      2. People on social media(some of my friends) were very much biased while discussing this topic. Most of them had given their premature verdicts without even understanding the whole scenario.
      3. Also I have always been interested in Israel, Jews and their history since the first time i got to know about them.
      4. What i like about it is that this issue covers a broad canvas. It is as individualistic and religious as it is geographical and political. And not only the middle east, it affects the whole world,
      5. It is also about the rise of suppressed Jew community which is kind of heroic in my opinion.

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